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Computational Philosophy



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I am an engaged thinker exploring new ways for philosophers to serve society. This led me to develop computational philosophy, an activist, experimental and transdisciplinary approach of philosophy which aims at addressing society's most pressing challenges in the cyberspace.

As a researcher in Meta's Responsible AI team, I investigate the ethical potential and implications of AI solutions used across Meta's platforms.

As an adjunct professor in data economics at HEC Paris and in digital ethics at ESCP Europe, I aim to sensitise future decision-makers on the social implications of advanced technologies.   

Ancre Research

My research

By analysing social networks' data from philosophical models of human behaviours, I wish to support the design of digital platforms in such a way that they reduce hate and promote empathy.

I developed the "mimicry-attention paradigm", rooted in René Girard's anthropology and enriched from discoveries in cognitive sciences, which notably allowed me to advance the state-of-the-art of research in online misinformation and social influence.

My research covers various topics in the area of digital ethics, such as the ethics of autonomous vehicles, to which I recently devoted a series of papers.


My talks

Here is a selection of my interventions in business events and academic symposiums

Ancre Talks
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