Political philosophy

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Philosophy of tax

I am...

philosopher and computational social scientist leading research in ethics of artificial intelligence and machine learning applications on social networks.


I complete my PhD degree between Ecole Normale Supérieure (Archives Husserl-CNRS), Sorbonne Sciences University (LIP6-CNRS) and Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research, where I work on the ethical governance of the global Facebook ecosystem in AI.

I am also an associate researcher at the Centre for Technology & Global Affairs at Oxford University, a visiting scholar at the Social Media Lab at Stanford University, as well as a university lecturer, teaching AI Ethics in business and engineering graduate schools, notably at ESCP Europe.


My research

I develop philosophically-inspired models for the understanding of human behaviours, upon which could be erected new architectures of social spaces with the goals to reduce hate and promote empathy by design.  Based on René Girard's anthropology and captological solutions, my objective with these architectures is to pave the way for alternative and more humanist forms of algorithmic governmentality.

I am also interested in the whole spectrum of digital ethics, from algorithmic biases and fairness to autonomous lethal weapons and transhumanism. I especially worked on autonomous vehicles ethics.

My previously works were dedicated to the philosophy of tax.

My talks

Here are some of my interventions in universities and research symposiums