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Here is a selection of recent talks I gave. If you would like to invite me for a talk, please reach out at hubert.etienne@sciencespo.fr 


The right way to address the moral dilemmas deriving from autonomous vehicles?

42th annual McMaster World Conference / 11.26.2020

[event presentation]

Keeping control of AI: Who should be in charge?

World Summit AI Amsterdam / 10.29.2020

[event presentation]

How Does Facebook’s AI Fight Misinformation

Future Talk / Pulse 95 Radio / 10.28.2020

Construire la confiance à l'ère de Deepfake et de la post-vérité

IA Paris 2020 / 09.15.2020

[event presentation]


*Edit: 'strong ties' instead of 'weak ties' (25'48).

What is AI Ethics and what could it be?

Artelligence (​virtual) / 09.22.2020

[event presentation]

Is it time to take ethical AI seriously?

Artelligence (​virtual) / 09.22.2020

[event presentation]

[Khaleej Times article]

Using AI to address the ethical dimensions of the covid-19 crisis

ICT Spring 2020 (​Luxembourg) / 09.15.2020

[event presentation]


The world after Deepfake: Building trust in a post-truth era

The London AI Summit 2020 (​virtual) / 09.03.2020

[event presentation]

AI Applications and Digital Ethics

AI Governance Forum 2020 (​virtual) / 06.03.2020

[event presentation]

"With regards to the covid-19 crisis, what can we do and with AI?" (6.20 - 12.50) 

"What is a good framework for thinking about ethics in the context of AI?" (45.10 - 51.22)

Q&A (1.33.35 - 2.00.19)

Que peut l'IA face à la crise du Covid-19 ?

France IA (​virtual) / 07.27.2020

[event presentation]

Keynote (56.21 - 1.11.41)

Q&A (1.11.50 - 1.36.13)

When AI Ethics Goes Astray: The Case of Autonomous Vehicles

Oxford University (​Centre for Technology & Global Affairs) / 11.01.2019

[event presentation]

[video coming soon]